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The Trouble with Father - Springtime for Father (1951)

Published 1951

Another episode of that popular 1950s sitcom "The Trouble with Father" with Stu and June Erwin. In this episode, Stu wants to go hunting with his friend, but their families want to go to glamorous New York City. The ending is gloriously predictable. I hope the picture quality isn't the worst thing ever to happen to the Internet.

Run time 27 minutes 47 seconds
Production Company Roland Reed Productions
Audio/Visual sound, Black and White


Reviewer: richgoup - - October 25, 2012
Subject: (Springtime for Father (The Stu Erwin Show).
Season 1, episode 39.
Original air date: 14 July 1951.
Cast: June Erwin (June Erwin), Stu Erwin (Stu Erwin), Willie Best (Willie: uncredited), Sheila James Kuehl (Jackie Erwin: uncredited)and Ann E. Todd (Joyce Erwin: uncredited).
A copy of this episode with at least some of the original commerdials (for `Betty Crocker cake mix`) exists and has been released on DVD by at least one distributer on public domain television peogramming.
From: IMDB.